What Could Possibly Go Right

by Young Husbands

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released December 20, 2015

Bojan Stanković - guitars, vocals
Kosta Jovanović - guitars, vocals
Aleksandar Delić - bass
Stefan Slavković - drums

recorded by Uroš Milkić
mixed and mastered by Srđan Popov

album artwork//
photo by Dule Jelen
design by Aleksa Jovanović

Belgrade, Serbia 2015.



all rights reserved


Young Husbands Београд, Serbia

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Track Name: Dreaming Backwards
This is my right - to grow till death.
It is my obligation.
Reasons to fight till my last breath
spark beneath my eyes.

This heart is full of lust.
This heart is full of mistrust.

It’s simple, really.
I need my home to be my own.
Among kin, sharing sin, like children without shame.
I need my home to be my own.
Pass the judgement, beneath your eyes,
through a smile.

Through my teeth, violence.

My only wish is to learn to hope.
Track Name: Second Chances
Do we often drop into present
from a harmful state of mind?
Why do we always fall from perfection
into vanity of everyday life?
When we drown in rejection,
do we stop to take a moment
or we fast-forward and cover it up with lies?

If all my chances for second chances are gone,
they’ve proved me right.
It takes a fool to think that he’s alone
while looking at the speeding headlights.

We are the letters of the word
in the crossword of hopeless dreams.

If all my chances were yours, would you care for them too
or would you use them out of fright?
And if they paralyzed me or petrified me,
would you say I’m killing the fight?

We are the letters of a word
in a crossword of hopeless dreams.
Track Name: That's Not What She Said
Summer turned its back on us,
we are on our way out.

Your eyes are as dry and dead
as the grass and leaves on this October.
I’ve got a notion we’re becoming
slaves to regrets.
We could spend these hours wishing to be
something else.

This isn’t measured
in smiles and handshakes.
I’m both burdened and empowered by
the weight of memories.
Melodies cut deeper than words ever could.
They reside in my ears.
They resound in my fears.

The roads we take,
the paths we choose,
each step I make
is a leap of my faith in you.

You should make a wish right now,
‘cause my self esteem is
falling like a shooting star.
Track Name: Youthful By Design
Whatever’s left of someone else’s dream
is good enough a reason
to get you through the day.
I guess it is what it is
so you’ll have to reach for patience
once again.

We shut our eyes,
while we try to keep
whatever little light is left inside.
We are fighting twists and turns
and we leave a trail of broken dreams
for someone else to learn from.

Until the fires burst again.
Image wears thin
and it’s gonna crash to pieces,
That are gonna fall all over you.

We are an image of what we are,
what we are.
We are an image of what we are
supposed to be.

Whatever’s left of someone else’s dream
And I won’t just go away.
Track Name: Butterfly Affect
A doubt in misery doesn’t lie.
I don’t understand
why was it there all the way,
right in the look of an eye?
As if someone was stealing the words
from our minds…
You can’t hold on forever,
I understand now.

They’ve slipped and went one day.
They’ve slipped and went
straight through the heart.

If there was such a thought that could heal and shape
a broken heart,
I’d forget it right away,
wouldn’t live through the day…
When I told myself not to know how to love
I moved on, but I never ever let go.

Screw logic and introspection.
I’ll find myself in new directions.
My heart is where I go and I grow.